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I was all rigged and set to fish for bass at Quincy this morning :mad: Oh well we need the moisture!

I rigged my Senko with a great new product. It is the Owner Long Neck Worm Hook. If you fish Senko's, swim worms, or Carolina rig, you will love them.

They have a small rubber stopper that slides up the hook shank and secures the hook shank where it comes out of the head against the body of the bait. It secures the Senko to the hook shank and keeps the eyelet from moving and tearing the head of the bait . Plus it is an Owner hook, which will penetrate almost anything! I order my jigheads from Gopher Tackle in Minnesota just so I can have them all on Owner hooks!

I use to use Gamakatsu EWG SUperline hooks and the were very sharp! But they would slide and really tear up the baits. With these hooks we should really be able to hammer them on the hookset?
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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