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born2fsh1 said:
First off, I want to say thanks to everyone that has posted thier techniques and tips on fishing for Lake trout. Thanks Scubapig and Chief Nocatchum.
I'll second that. Thanks everyone for the tips. Though I don't post much, I am on here almost every day. The info that I have gathered from this site has helped my fishing alot.

FishinBud- As far as the traffic and the wind, you almost have to expect it, and prepare for it. On I70, if you're on it after 6-9 am or after 3-6pm, your in for a slow ride. It helps to leave early or late. The wind is a given almost anywhere in the state, don't care what the forecasts are!

Anyway, the fishing was good yesterday. Caught my first Lake Trout through the ice, got to play with a Vexilar, and just enjoyed being out there. Thanks.
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