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It feels like I havn't posted in forever. I've been real busy and have not been able to fish very much. But enogh excuses heres the report.

Went to Green Mountain on Sunday. Got a real late start and didn't arrive untill 9:00am. The weather was beautifull. This was my first time driving on I-70 since November that the weather didn't impact the driving. Set up off the res boat ramp. Big mac attack was on all morning. I landed about 15 lakers and hooked and lost countless more. But at the same time by girlfriend landed one and only had a couple of bites. Usuall tubes and sucker meat. Tried some new stuff this time. Messed around with 5" tubes from Freshwater basics and I don't like them. I think the 2 1/2 inch fat tubes in glow are the best ones out there. Second up is the 3.5 inch bleeding tubes from strikemaster in white. With visions of a record in my head I aso tried out some 7 inch tubes by F.B. in glow. Had them rigged with a 1oz jig head and a big piece of sucker. I got some huge bites but couldn't get a good hookset. So I added a big red treble as a stinger hook. Once again huge takes but they just stayed on a little longer before shaking the hook. I was REALLY setting the hook so I don't know what was going on. Macks were between 16-24 inches. Most were caught deadsticking on the bottom or on the retrive up. I love the savage bite of a suspended mack. Great day!

There were a ton of people out. I never been there on a weekend before. This lake now falls in the same catagory as Granby as I fish it only during the week. Nothing against all you snowmobilers but I like a little quiter fishing. These two were yelling at each other big time. I thought they were going to fight!
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