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Fished GM yesterday (Thursday, Jan 18th). The lake looks to be down about 65 feet. Parked on the north shore and it was nice to drive down to the ice to load/unload.

Ice was a minimum of 10" everywhere I went (walked two miles). I spoke to a couple of guys on ATVs and they said the ice was soft south of the Heeney boat ramp - how far south they didn't say.

Fishing was typical for GM but I needed a laker fix. Bunch of 12" dinks with occasional 15-17". I caught a personal worst 7" laker. The hook never penetrated any of his jaw because he was so light. The story was the same for the 4-5 other fishing parties I spoke with: nothing above 17", mostly the 12" dinks.

I did not venture across the lake to the Heeney side but plenty of other people did. I worked south along the highway and the north shore.
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