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Headed out to Green Mountain again this time with some more folks. Set up about 200 yards out from the residential boat ramp over about 60 FOW. It was down right cold when we got out there and didn?t really warm up through out the day. Immediately started lading macks. Didn?t get any big boys but the action was pretty steady. Best bite for us came around lunch time. Standard laker fare was the ticket. We marked a ton of kokes but were unable to get any to bite. We tried kastmasters, Swedish pimples and other jigs. I was planning on having some pictures to accompany this report but after taking a few pics of a mack my dad caught my camera did a real nice swan dive right down the hole. It was a clean shot and all I could do was watch it flutter down.

Tried the same spot again on Sunday but the macks seemed to move out. Also noticed that we weren?t marking any kokes. The few fish we got on were all really small, I think the smallest I caught was a little over 6 inches. Ice was a bit crowded on both days. Some guys from Sportsmans were having descent luck with the macks when we were leaving.
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