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We were up there on Saturday and it was pretty much the same story.  It was far too busy towards the damn fishing along the channel.  We ended up sliding down the boat dock and out about 100-200 yards toward the parking lot.   We caught 10 or 11, but had to return a few because they were too small.  We did pull 1 koke up though, but he was the only one we seen. 

We used a variety of baits.  At first light we were fishing white tubes sucker tipped, but then it stopped hitting.  So  we moved on to the sweedish pimples, ( pink then orange, then green). . . . . nothing, then kastmasters, ice ants, and then grubs.   the only consistant action we saw was on an orange leadhead on a white grub w/ a fuzzy tail.  They really seemed to like that jigged 6' off the bottom.  They also were hitting orange powerbait on a bottom rig.
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