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My brother, 2 friends, and me went to Green Mountain Reservoir on Saturday. We headed out early in excitement for a great day of fishing. We briefly stopped in Idaho Springs for some McDonalds and ice. After about 20 minutes, we finished eating, picked up the ice, and were on our way.

We arrived at Green Mountain and prep'd our boats for the water. As we were getting the boats ready, I noticed that my tackle box was not in the back of my boat. I looked everywhere making sure someone didn't take it out. It was no where to be found.

During our 20 minute stop in Idaho Springs, some SOB took it out of the back of my boat. $200+ I will never see again. asdfasdf!!!!!

Anyway, after all of that drama I picked up some lures at the boat rental place by the boat ramp and we hit the water.

We started at the boat ramp by the dam and worked our way into the inlets on the right side (going away from the dam). We didn't see too many fish and didn't get any bites. We were in the 2-3rd inlet down, when we decided to troll. I got a bite on the way out of the inlet right by the point. I ended up losing the small rainbow after it did a little triple lindy out of the water before my buddy was able to land it with the net.

We trolled another 100 yards off the point and I received another bite. Before I had a chance to grab my rod the fish was gone. I reeled my line back in only to find a piece of a Kokanee's jaw stuck in my hook. They weren't kidding when they said Kokanee's have weak jaws. I didn't even grab my rod, but the force of the braided line and my 1.5mph trolling speed was enough to rip its mouth apart. Crazy.

We continued to troll up and down the shore. My buddy in my boat caught 4 rainbows, the biggest being 13.5". My buddy, in my brothers boat reeled 2 rainbows during the same time. That was pretty much the action for the day.

Contradicting everything I believe in, I ended up pulling a stranded jet skier back to shore. I'm still surprised I did this considering my tumultuous morning.

We saw a lot of fish deep on this lake. Due to all of the traffic on the lake and some missing gear, we didn't troll as deep to get these rascals. I thing on our next trip out there we're going fire up some downriggers.

There are a lot of fish in this lake and I'm sure we'll be back.
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