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Green River UT

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heading to the green river (section A) in two weeks. never been. any tips on pools, flies, etc. hoping to hit bwo's.
thanks in advance.
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I actually am heading over to the green hopefully next Sunday. I have fished this hatch in the past and you cant go wrong with a #18 BWO dry fly. Also in the can't miss department I use a #16 Tungsen Camel Brown midge and a size 18 grey olive scud. For spots i like to fish is walking up from little hole I like fishing up by the island or if you feel like a walk up to the bathroom depending on water levels. If fishing up by the dam I love then first set of rapids down from the launch site. The biggest thing about the Green you might want to know is you seen alot of fish and dont worry it is possible to catch fish you can see. Doubt i'll have computer access before you leave for your trip or i'd give you a first hand report how its fishing next sunday. It's a blast

1 - 1 of 2 Posts
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