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Green River Worms?

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Growing up in Nebraska we use to dig for these green river worms to go catfishing with. Yesturday at walmart the kid pointed out they sell green night crawlers. I was wondering if anyone had tried these for catfish here in Colorado. The ones in Nebraska use to stink really bad and werent really as big as night crawlers usually are and they where also really good for shovelnoses.
Basically just wondering if these were the same worm? Do they stink? Any success with them here in Colorado?
Might have to just buy them and give them a try, worse case scenerio they dont work and I can take Cody and the neighbor girl bluegill fishing they will eat anything.
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I think they are regular night crawlers that they just somehow add a green pigment to...
I'm with Zman on this one. I know I've seen colored maggots for sale. I think they give them different colored foods to change 'em.
i thought the green ones were suppose to glow in the dark
Drat the luck, all my cousins in Nebraska are all grown up to. Hard to get adults to dig up these stinky little buggers for you, especially if they arent going to use them themselves.
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