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Grey Reef Wyoming

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Thinking of taking my son on a float trip on the Grey Reef section south of Casper. Thinking of going in mid May as he Gradutes from CU May 5th with his masters degree and i want to give him a nice trip. Has anyone done this float in mid may? Any recommendations on outfitters? I went on and they have a special going on on float trip through may.
thanks for any info
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I actually can't give you a good outfitter but I can tell you what you want to make sure of when you book a trip up there. That float is about 90% private land so when you are booking ask the question if they have any sections you can get out of the boat. I own a drift boat and I also am not a huge fan of guides. I understand why they are there and appreciate the craft but my experiences with guides is tainted. I have on many occasions have guides try to push me out of holes tell me I couldn't fish in certain areas and the always famous wink when they tell you they have a client and want to get them into fish. I have fished Grey Reef in May and its probably one of the best times to fish it in my opinion. I also was in the middle of a snow storm in May fishing it as well so the weather is wild up there. I will say that float offers probably the best chance in this area to get spooled on every cast those fish fight hard and run hard. Down by the take out in Lusby there was a guy that rented drift boats for $175 a day could be an option for you as well. I plan to float Grey Reef next weekend I'll update you on how the fishing is the reports tell me its time to get up there.

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Fished the gray reef in may many times and it is my favorite time to fish it. however I've had different luck with the weather, usually just fish in shorts with out waders.
I generally fish Grey Reef through the winter months, but ive been up there in May and had really good days and caught some nice fish. its generally not too hot or windy yet, and you will get a chance to see lots of fish if the water is not cranked up too high. also your chances of fishing dries is a lot better than the usually nymphing you get in the wintertime. As far as an outfitter most will cost you about the same (around 400 for a full day float) and provide you with similiar services--- so i cant think of any off hand that would be better than others. Ive heard good things about Grey Reef Anglers, but dont know any of the guides personally. My advice is talk to some guides beforehand and let them know your ability level and exactly what you want out of the trip. also talk to more than one outfitter and feel them out until you get the style guide you want. i hate the hyper gotta-get-you-on-a-fish now whatever it takes types---whom are rude to others and will crowd people out of a run--- and you dont want another whom gets annoyed when you line a fish or dont cast as well as he would like. ive known both types, believe me. feel them out first before you shell out that kind of money so you get what you want...or at least close to it. either way im sure youll have a good time, thats definately one of the top 10 float trips in the US...and its only a few hours away, which makes it even better.
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Speaking of..............Just got back from the Reef yesterday. Had one great day and another slow one. Quiet on Fri., and good consistent bite. Tons of people on Sat. and much slower bite.

Can you give me any patterns that were working did you float or did you fish on foot. Any info would be helpful

The people at the North Platte Fly Shop have always been really helpful. They fish it daily and know exactly whats been happening. What helps is knowing when to switch from SJ worms and egg patterns to whatevers hatching.
I usually fish scuds, rs2's and sj worms, but all they wanted were grey rs2's #18 and 20. They would'nt touch any other pattern I tried. I fished on foot below the dam.
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