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Went up to grosss this afternoon got there about 2:30 and fished by the inlet for about an hour and half with no luck did get one good hit on a zip lure but was unable to hook'em then the weather started getting a little nasty I wanted to stay but the wife was really good at convinceing me it was time to go. talked to a few other pepole and they had about the same luck as i did. Im gonna go back up there in the morning and go ahead and walk all the way back to the inlet this time i will leave the wife home ;) i noticed the sign on the gate said it opened at 7:30 juist wondering if that was correct or not would like to get an earlyer start than that hopefully iwont get as wet as i did today.thats a very nice lake especially with it only being an half hour from my house.Ill post on how i do tomorrow :) James
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