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Hey all. My bro's and I are planning a guided trip to take my dad on with Fishful Thinker outfitters. I'm really looking forward to it, 'cause my Dad's got this badass Reata, but could use a clinic(or 12) on how to dial in all of the bells and whistles. It's weird. He's a retired engineer and is super analytical, but doesn't seem to want to study up on how to best use his electronics. Anyway, I think the learning part will be great for him, but I wanted to get your $.02 on what the best location would be? I think they do trips to Carter, Boyd, Horsetooth, and maybe another location. He lives near St. Vrain State Park, so Boyd is the quickest trip and the location he'd likely hit most often, unless one of the other locations is significantly better. I'm thinking we'll probably try to get it scheduled for late April or early May. Thoughts? Thanks in advance!

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