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To all the guys that warrior to the Gunnison drainage, check the flows. We had late snows and buku rain that has resulted in late released flows. Taylor, upper Gunnison, lower Gunnison, are seeing normal or above normal flows. I was in the East Portal to have the water increase 500cfs. Uncompahgre is blown out big time below Cow Ck and the tailwater is at 900cfs. Taylor is at 900cfs below the reservoir, just 200cfs below record flows(possible we may see a new record?). Rumor has it the Taylor above res hit over 1000cfs. Cimarron is blown out and Siver Jack is spilling.

In other words, watch your step, especially in the canyons. You might swim out but unable to get back due to wall-outs. I've pulled one "kid" out of the Gunnison and never want to pull someone out again.

On a different note. Giant stonefly hatch is on and working up the black canyon. Been so for a few weeks. Yellow Sally's, Caddis, and PMDs are coming off in hordes. I'll post a short video of the Lower Gunny stonefly hatch when I have time. The yellow Sally's are camera shy and too small for my GoPro to show the extent of the hatch. This specie of yellow stone emerges directly from the water. At times it looks like snow flakes falling up. lol. This time of year it is not unusual to have a salmon fly, yellow Sally, Caddis, and PMD all crawling on your arms at the same time. Absolutely awesome after fishing #26 midges all winter!

I'm glad to see the return of these flows but fishing will be "slow" until the flows stabilize. Focus on tailouts and the banks. Dry/dropper ran down the bank can be productive. As usual, the big guys prefer the dropper. Streamers and soft hackles swung through the tail outs can produce large fish. Heavy tippets on these guys as fish hit them with purpose. Evenings are best as the insects return to lay eggs. So pack a lunch, water filter, and versatile boxes and.....

Rip some lips,

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