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Harriman 07/30/05

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Went to Harriman...this morning from 6:30 until about with bait on the bottom for walleyes...and a size 5 gold Mepps Bucktail(hoping to mimic all the carp that are in there)  for hits or follows that I saw on the bucktail...three good bites on over anxious and hurried the first one...converted the next my surprise (2 channel cats) and 18 and a 20 incher that weighed just under 4 pounds on my hand scale...he was really fat and healthy...I let both of them was a great fight on 4 pound line...I was expecting walleyes or is it saugeyes that are in there...only one other fisherman and I didnt see him catch anything...I saw the surface rocked early a couple of times...big heavy fish eating swirls...but beyond my casting distance even with a size 5 bucktail...and I dont think it was carp wallowing...they make that distinctive carp noise...on the last one a full grown mallard was swimming by it and flew off squaking (sp?) who knows but they both were too far out...not a bad biggest Colorado catfish too date...pretty small...but a start...
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Great job Z!!

We tried there last night and had 4 good bites (using circle hooks) in about 2 hours no fish. Where were you fishing?

Same place!
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