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Harriman is about 50% iced over - south side has some large fishable areas. most of the shore on the rest of lake is iced ... east side has piles of chunky blown in ice accumulating and is unfishable

also looked icy where the trees are along shore .. i bet those sunken trees & bushes have some nice bass when its warm

got some nibbles on nightcrawlers when thrown way out & just reeled in deep - had a heavy weight attached .. no bites with a floating bobber and the wind kept blowing that in along with chunks of ice catching the line

the wind was blowing hard against me so lures were useless, could only toss em about 10 yards maybe

had to leave because snow clouds were on horizon & got cold .. no fish were hooked, was only there about an hour or so :( .. was kinda fun at least ... sorry no fish pics

check the local wind report before going here, seems like the wind is worse here than weather report says
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