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Well I couldn't believe the reports of tiger muskie or pike being in harriman. The only thing I have ever seen in that lake has been cerp and stocker rainbows but I went I checked it out las night I didn't catch any thing but I saw a bout a five pound pike along the dam. Cant wait to give it another shot any body got any tips for harriman?
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there is walleye in there too, caught a couple of small ones last year.
They put saugeyes in the lake, I torn them up in march.
Haha you dont hear me say this very often but.... Where is Harriman at?
Its located off kipling and quincy
What were you guys using to catch the saugeyes and wallies on?
i caught mine on mepps spinners, ran slow on the bottom(was trying for pike)
i went to harriman every day this week, didnt catch anything at the beginning of the week but the last three days has been great, caught a total of 6 cats but released one because it was too small, the largest one i just caught five hours ago, worms are the best bait. haha havin too much fun im going back tommorow night as well.
is there only one parking lot at harriman ......
i tried getting in at all angles to the lake, no luck. its kinda hard when you want to fish the dam because thats a good long walk from the dirt parking lot. :-\
Try chr/white twistertail jigs or cht gulp minnows.
Park at the library across quincy,You still have to walk aways but its not as far
Thats actually a school to the north of the lake, and a little word to the wise don't ever park there during the school year. Had some friends that went there during high school and they are nazis theey love to tow people. But thanks for the report, i'll have to try it.
Went to Harriman Lake tonight from 8:00pm-9:00pm to scout all these stories about big trout, catfish, and muskies....Talked to a guy named jeff who lives nearby and has been fishing harriman fort ten years he stated about once or twice a week. So who better to get some info from. I was tossing a lure by him asking him questions. He stated he personally has caught: Muskie, Pike, Walleye, Catfish, Trout, Bass, Perch, and Bluegills out of the lake. He did catch one good sized Walleye while I was there (about 19 inches) on worms on the bottom as well as some small perch which he divided and used to lure crafish with. In the span of about 1 hour he had filled his bucket with crafish (He said he was going to Horsetooth tomorrow and neded some crawdads for bait) and he told me a few spots for different types of fish they are as follows:

For Walleye - north & west side and Dam area using worms on bottom
For Channel Cats - north & west side and Dam area using crawdad tails, stinkbait, or worms on bottom
Muskie - on East side by all the trees on rapalas
Bass - everywhere typical bass tackle
Trout - Everywhere on typical trout tackle

Using lures I had a couple of bites no fish. In 1 hour. Just basically went to sout and check out the layout. Hope this helps for any who wanted to go there.
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Oh ya I forgot to mention not a fish last night either....However I heard them jumping like wild everywhere.

is it okay to fish here late at night? or are there signs it closes at certain hours?
Kind of funny here is the write up for Harriman Lake Reservoir in the Fishing Close To Home publication...(I have talked to others who have caught the the game fish mentioned earlier in the thread) on to the write up...

Harriman Lake Reservoir

Location W. Quincy Ave and S. Kipling Parkway. Parking off Kipling. Trail to lake.
Size: 70 acres; 18 feet maximum depth
Fish: Bluegill, green catfish (typo? did they mean sunfish), largemouth bass, crappie, common carp and white sucker.
Agency: Foothills Metro Park and Rec District
Comments: Open 5am to 10pm. No boats, wading or floatation devices.

Not even close to the species mentioned earlier...
I saw the walleye with my one pun intended.
i fish harriman alot now, and ive had no luck at the dam at all, the best luck ive had was the first clearing from the parking lot, i got to try the dam now most likely tommrow thats some useful info
fishing 303,

Post to this thread a report after you fish there...


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