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brother and uncle. I must have see over 200 people on the shore line Saturday. We were on a boat, when I got off I saw 4 people at the same time land a wiper at the boat ramp. We caught 4 wiper and 3 master angler carp from the the boat casting
I made it to Jackson for the first time this weekend. Had camping reservations. You guys weren’t lying about the fishing pressure from shore! I was lucky enough to get a decent spot below our camp site the first day without much encroachment but the second day...... I went out at about 5:30 to the same spot and within 5 minutes some guys come running down securing spots from 10 ft away from me all the way out 100 ft to my left. Within an hour another group pulls up and literally casts their 6 lines out on top of mine. Winds pick up and the people to my left also are tied up. I’m far from racist, but man these Asians don’t respect space at all. Everywhere I go they pile right on top of me. Went to Rocky Mountain lake last year and soon as the sun was gone there were Asians on every open part of shore, even walking through the water snagging my lines as they went. Time to invest in a boat I guess.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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