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Has anyone heard of "Loch Lamond"

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We fished there a couple of times at the end of the summer
last year & it pretty productive(and beautiful)?
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It's right of the town of Alice, On a 4x4 Road.
Been there 3 or 4 times.Cool waterfall on the other side.Actuaaly it's "Loch Lomond",long "o".
Isn't that up at St. Mary's Glacier? I have never been there but I have heard you can hike and ski in the summer. Is this true? I have heard of that lake, but I dunno if it's iced off yet.
Isnt that in Scotland??
Loch Lommand I guess Im thinkin of
loch ness is in scotland, i wonder if loch lamond has a lomandy? like a nessie?

they are right. its up by alice. i fished it once didnt catch anything. but my buddy who has a place in alice,says big splake in there
I have been up there a few times. The last time about 8 years ago. You need a fourwheel drive to get up the road. It was nasty in one spot. Past that a piece of cake. The creek that flows out of it is full of brooktrout, there are some nice pools but it becomes more difficult to fish the farther down you go due to brush. There were some nice primitive camping spots but being so close to denver it was kinda getting trashed and the best spots taken quickly.
used to go there all the time with my dad when i was young used to be quite productive and also fun road to get there
Fished it a couple of times and got skunked both times I think it gets a lot of pressure!
That is one of my favorite places. Nothing like the scenery or the fishing. There are 3 more lakes up by the waterfall as well. Those fish up there love flies!!! Let me know when the ice is off. I would love to go.
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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