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hell at Heeney 3-22-14

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A few things....

I need a god damned truck already. soon enough, when all the vacations and such have happened and I can get my ducks in a row, I can start the process of selling my car and then maybe getting a small truck with 4wd.

anyways, I got up early and got to Green mtn's heeney boat ramps around 7am. roads were wet, and the eisenhower was only a pinch icy. got out to the lake and drilled 3 holes. first drop, got a laker right away. 30 mins later had another one.... decided to walk around and try to find a better spot... found a spot that was at one point 14 feet deep, and then about 7 yards away dropped off to about 100 feet. started marking fish hanging out at 50, and every time I'd drop the offering down.. the fish would rise up meet at about 30 and slam the lure. had 6 lakers on the ice quickly, and moved closer to shore along what I will assume is a huge boulder/cliff and ruined the rainbows. had 2 bigger ones... nice to see the rainbows getting some size in the lake.... Green mtn. is going to become a sleeper spot for bigger salmonids within the next few years, and I think the size limits and the illegal introduction of pike has alot to do with it.

I had my limit by 10:45 and got to my car... during that time a big blizzard hit the lake and dumped about 5 inches of snow. got to my car, loaded up... tried driving up the hill outta the boat ramp and no dice. made several attempts to speed up the road and only could make it half way..... ended up walking to the top, going to green mtn inn and met 2 nice guys who were happy to help. we spent over an hour plowing/dumping gravel on the road to add traction and eventually I made it out. sucked ass, I was there for about 2 hours... lesson learned, because I usually always carry a snowshovel but decided not to because the weather report said snow/rain. never underestimate colorado..

anyway, I caught the lakers on 2 inch orange tubes tipped with halved shiners off that cliff face, and the rainbows closer to shore off of a kasty tipped with shiners as well.

Thanks to Adrian and Sean who live at Green mtn. inn and run a snowmobile repair shop. Good dudes, and I hope you guys got use out of the ice rod/reel I gave you. If you need small motor repairs and the like, go hit up Minutemen mobile repair in heeney. Hope you guys are still down to fish next weekend.

here's some pics...

The blizzard. that's an ice hut in front of the boat ramp.. looking east.

the haul.

cooking some bo fillets and 2 dinky lakers in bacon grease for some fish tacos. insert zman response ridiculing me for cooking greasy fish in grease.

next week, williams fork to get some trouts for the relatives in Oklahoma, and to show my new friends how to catch some eaters... since they are new guys to Colorado. hope they found the forum.
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Hey that's a good haul dude! I always try to get four wheel drive vehicles but another thing you could check out in the mean time is the low profile cables , work like tire chains but can get for most cars. I got sone a while back , if I remember right they were about $60. I never have used 'em but they were recommended by some guys who told me they work real good. Might not be the best bet in deep snow but should at least help provide better traction.
Nice feeesh.

I like to do a grease batter on lake trout before I put them in the oil... Then when they get out, I like to melt a little bit of Crisco right on top.
...made several attempts to speed up the road and only could make it half way....
That sounds hauntingly familiar - glad you got out safely.
Good report and good job limiting out! Are the lakers at WF the same size as GM?
What shape are your tires in?

Tire chains, cables work well. Always carry a shovel and some kitty litter. The folding military style shovel are the ticket IMO.

Oh and good job. :thumb:
GM didnt want to practice C&R on you!! Luckily you got away! ;)
Nice catch, Dave. Glad you made it home safe.
Chains or cables on your drive wheels will amaze you.

Small investment..

I might add also you are kicking consistant butt on your ice fishing trips.

Enjoy the posts!

Well done sir, you've been killin it on the ice lately! Now please clean you kitchen...
He's in the process of cooking in that pic guys,... I know I WRECK my kitchen when I cook cuz at my house we practice the "he who cooks never cleans" rule,... unless my wife is cooking;)

Nice fish Dave
Way to go "Dirty Dave" Hell of a bag right there man. Not sure about those meat pics though.
To bad you didn't listen to what I've been telling you for months about those cable chains. You would have been cruising your camo shorts wearing happy ass right up that hill in that little civic, grinning from ear to ear thinking about how your day did not suck.
dam you, we were there ,we were the idiots that trudged out toward the islands.only managed two on the ice, lost a twenty something one at the hole and missed several bites.should have went with you, two guys i went with said they knew the lake, not sure that was true.four wheel drive trucks are nice but they sure get shitty milage. definatley a trade off. i did use four wheel to get out . we parked at the north ramp.
Nice job on the fish, I was gonna head that way but decided to stay close to home. That hill can be a killer at times, glad you made it out safe. If you're ever looking for a partner look me up, I'm at Green mtn a lot. :)
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