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Help with re-build, boat and motor

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Hello all,

Great forum, used the fishing report, caught two walleyes this weekend at chatfield, first time out!

well here i go, i was just given a boat, its a 70's ish ski boat, fiberglass with a 70 something motor on the back parked in texas for 5-8 years.

got some questions,

is it worth rebuildong the motor or save and get a new one, i rebuilt a couple of sb chevys, not hard, but know very little about outboards. I believe its a 75- 115 hp johnson/evinrude or chrysler, not sure, havent picked it up yet, and need to know is it fairly easy to repair, or can you recomend an honest shop?

i also know the boat was gutted on the interior except for controls and motor sterring, and has the windshield.

i could use any help, or recomendations, as i plan to set up a new floor, couple of pedestals thngs like that.

thanks for any and all replies.

Happy fishin....
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thanks, i will be doing the work myself, a little project to do.
If you can rebuild the motor for as much as several hundred dollars it is worth it in my opinion. To buy a comparable hp engine will cost thousands. This spring faced with the dilemna of repairing a nearly 30 year old 25 hp evinrude or buying a used or new one I spent the $300 to have mine fixed. I priced used ones from "as low" as $900 "as is" no guarantee plus shipping to over $2000 new.

So unless it is a complete block of rust. it may save lots of cash to fix it.


PS welcome to the forum.
If you decide to take it to a professional, I highly recommend Crowley MArins in Aurora. They have done extensive work fro me on my two very old outbords for the houseboat, as well as my 2000 Mercury 200EFI.


And no, I do not work there... ;)
dont do it!!! i've rebuilt boats before and you always spend more than its worth. the other side of thecoin is that two cycle outboards are soon to be outlawed as most of arizona has done. anyway thats my two bits.
thanks to dan and eye guy, i met a guy who recomended mercs and more and another best marina, any feed back on these two, ?

I might just buy a new powerhead and do it myself.

I have always had a great experience at Merc's and More. They are straight up and honest. The work they do is excellent and no Bull. Jeff knows his stuff and is willing to give help over the phone.
The number there is 303-429-6932.
Dito on Mercs and More, they did me right on a 79 chryselr major tune up.

Dan in Elizabeth
thanks guys, appreciate the feedback.
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