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High End Baitcasting reel

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I am going to upgrade one of my setups and was wondering if anyone had some suggestions. I have one Bass Pro Shops inexpensive baitcasting reel on a XPS Trigger stick. I only use it for slabbing, and pulling bouncers because it has a flipping switch and it serves its purpose just fine. The other is an XPS 7' Trigger stick with an Ambassaduer 5600C4. I love the rod, but I would like to upgrade the reel to something a little more smooth.

It will be used for Bass and Pike fishing. I also visit my family in North Caralina every summer and they are striper fisherman. In fact I am considering moving there this summer to be close to them and the incredible fishing that surrounds them!

Anyway, what do you guys use?
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Calcutta's seem to be held high regard! Thats probably what I will choose?

Has anyone tried the Quantum Energy series?
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