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It's HIGH RUNOFF Season, which means the rivers are super turbulent, water levels much higher then normal, and water clarity is usually abysmal...
What else better to do then go hit the rivers for fish LOL!! We go over the types of water we typically try and target, as well as the baits/lures we use! We landed FOUR SPECIES of trout this day (Brown, Bow, Snake River Cut, Colorado River Cut), including a MASTER ANGLER CUTTHROAT TROUT for Remy!

It isn't optimal to fish the high runoff in rivers, but you can still definitely get good fish!
Hope you all enjoy!! Weather was great, so we got the drone out for some nice shots and had a nice early summer river fishing session!!
(Pictured below are a few photos of the day)



1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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