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I dont usually plan on it, but it seems i always end up covering a few miles in waders when i fish...sometimes even more.  The only place ill usually take to an actual hiking trail with waders on is on the Gill Trail heading up Cheeseman Canyon to the South Platte...its short, only a mile or 2, but steep---- its just easier to put them on at the truck that it is to get to the river and do it.  If im going to be walking farther than that ill put my waders and boots in a pack and just carry them in.  Once on the river i tend to move around a lot, so i inadvertently end up covering several miles on any given day.   an example of this is on one river i fish often in North Park... ive measured it on a map and its an easy 7 or 8 miles you end up fishing throughout the day.   This is why i like breathable waders and light boots, it would kill you to do this river while wearing neoprenes, dehydration would lay you low halfway through the day.  this is no joke, it happened to a friend of mine and he was in bad shape by lunchtime so we had to cut the trip short. anyways, to get back to your question---i guess 1 or 2 miles would be my usual choice for hiking in to a fishing spot with waders on---once im finally there though theres no telling how far ill walk to find fish  lol
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