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Well with the climbing temperatures and getting the bug to get out and fish, my friend and I decided to look around the area as to what might be good to fish. We first went down to Boyd to see if there was some open water yet but nothing really, mostly ice still. Then we decided to see how Horsetooth was doing and since we hadn't been there in a long time. Got there around 4:30 and walked to the inlet. There's quite a bit of water running into it so thats a good sign that the water level might get back up for good fishing over the spring and summer. Didn't get a hit or a bite til 5:15 or so then finally got into a nice 15" Rainbow or Cutbow, couldn't quite tell. Let me know what you think. It was all in all very slow, and many people around were not getting anything either. Two guys that were leaving just as we got there left with a 4lber so they are definitely in there but the cold water temp doesn't make it easy. Hope this helps anyone looking to fish. There isn't a whole lot of open water yet, only the inlet to the marina was open and some of south bay is open, not sure about the north side of the lake though.

** oh forgot to add, I was using a floating jig head with a 1" pink head white tail tube above a slip weight.
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