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Horsetooth 4/27

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Hit Hosretooth Reservior this afternoon for a couple hours and didn't really expect to catch much...boy was I wrong.

Started out with a 15" rainbow on a silver shaped, it looked 'spawny'. I really wanted a 'bow for the grill but I released it.

A few minutes later there was a tap on my panther martin and a 12" smallmouth showed up.

A few minutes after that caught a nice 17" walleye...very healthy looking, on the same #6 panther martin.

working up the shore I caught a total of 6 smallies...12-13" all on the spinner except one was on the daredevle. caught one more 'bow around 14" and he was headed for the creel but slipped out of my hands...lucky devil.

Finally..there was a tap-tap-tap-BAM on my spinner and it turned out to be a 17" smallmouth! YOW! of course, if you've been following my camera is dead. Master Angler witness, no camera.

All fish were in shallow(ish) water...around 10-20 feet. they seemed to prefer the sandy bottom over the rocks. Water surface temp was 53 degrees.

All fish were released.

Worth the $6 admission fee? ......YES!
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farmer ted said:
Worth the $6 admission fee? ......YES!
I was going to ask if you were fishing from shore or a boat but I think you answered my question.

Thanks for the report!

[me=Jay_In_Parker] [/me]
I also forgot to mention that I got checked by a DOW warden and he also took the info of the fish I had caught to that point...probably for reports. He was very nice and was impressed by what I had caught. The DOW had a boat with wardens out patrolling the reservior. There were quite a few boats out fishing (I was on shore, are correct). Be prepared to be checked if you go out.
did they close all the free parking in that area. Do you always have to pay to fish the Tooth now?
There are a couple sketchy pulloffs around the reservior where you can park for free and hike down a cliff to the water but all of the real parking areas are fee areas.
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