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Hey all.  Decided this morning that I would go out and try my luck fishing Horsetooth res at dawn.  So I went out and sat on the east side of the lake.  I tossed out a few different lures for about 30 mins and didn't catch anything.  I started to walk down the shore and saw a swirl in the water.  I tossed my 1/4 oz roostertail floursant yellow and pink at it.  I no more then had the lure hit the water when my line started disappearing off my line.  After about a good 5 minute fight, I finally got it to shore and the fish ended up being a good 26", 10-11lbs Wiper.  If I can ever get pictures from my buddy, I'll post it for all you na sayers.  This is the biggest catch I've ever had and will end up a trophy for years to come.  Needless to say, I stopped while I was ahead.  :D

Conditions were sunny, no clue on the water temp, and as I said, I was fishin from shore. 
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