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My wife & I fished Horsetooth today (Mon. Mar 7th), from 12:30-4:30. We shore-fished from Satanka Cove. Around 1;00, I caught a 14 inch rainbow, and around 4:00, my wife caught 2 rainbows (1st 16" & 2nd 18"). All off power-bait. I pitched just about every lure I have to no avail. We also tried nightcrawlers below a bobber and off the bottom, also w/ no luck. I did have a couple of hits on a Bladedancer. I had never been to Horsetooth before, just driven by one end. I didn't realize how big it is (1,899 acres)!   :eek:  I can't wait to go back. Oh, a guy there said near any of the dambs are good for trout right now.
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