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Craig N,

Fly fishing is one of the more enjoyable ways to fish, but it can also be one of the more frustrating things too. When you learn on your own you're doomed to many hours of tangled lines, snagged hooks, and no fish. While you can learn on your own, I highly recommend taking a class, workshop, or hiring a guide. This will take months or years off of your learning process and make fly fishing more enjoyable faster.

Not to toot my own horn, but check out my article in the September issue of Colorado Fisherman about my experience with hiring a guide ("Super Danny").

One thing to be wary of is being taught by a friend. Friends are rarely the best teachers, and rarely the best anglers. Sure, you can pick up some good pointers from friends, but don't rely on them as your primary way of learning. It's too easy to pick up bad habits from friends.
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