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I mean my boat already smells skunky for reasons the majority of this forum disagrees with ;D But I truly think it has to be the catfish slime, when I fish for walleye or whatever else I don't usually get the same smell, Its much more noticeable when I fish for cats, but at the same time my boat stays in a garage at lake mac for quite a while between trips so the smell kinda gets trapped in there. I think the plastic container idea will make a difference in the future when I don't have a shitty trip, I have noticed multiple times hardened pieces of carpet due to dried catfish slime. My livewell doesn't usually get to bad, because up until this season I have hardly ever kept any fish to eat (which would make more sense I guess as to why my carpet smells because the fish spend more time on it for pictures and such), it was usually just minnows in it
Gotta think of your boat as your balls: don't wash 'em too often and let them air out, you get some nasty ball-funk. ;)
1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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