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I've never heard of anybody asking about this out here, I'm from Oregon and cure my own roe from Salmon/steelhead eggs all the time. The most simple recipe involves 1cup borac, 1/3cup salt (non-iodized), 1/3 cup sugar (white). Variations include adding a packet of gelatin (yes flavored if you want - I like rasberry), or substituting sodium sulfite (can get from a camera store - used to develop pictures) for the salt. Just sprinkle a light coat of cure over the eggs (be sure to get inside the skein into loose eggs), prop them up to let them drain as they cure. Repeat this a couple of times, but don't overdo cuz they'll get hard.

When you use them as bait, be sure to use a knot that ties directly to the shank of a hook with an upturned eye. Make a loop in the line between the knot and the eye of the hook, and use this to sinch down on your piece of roe after you put them on the hook. A small piece of yarn tied to this loop helps prevent the line from cutting your egg sack in half, and makes the loop easy to grab when you need to re-bait.

If your eggs "milk" when you put them in water- you've got good stuff!

Good luck!
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