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I moved here (Fort Collins) about a year and a half ago from AK, where I mostly went for pike (and before that, panfish in northern MI). I didn't think it'd be that difficult to go trout fishing here, but I've been out about a dozen times so far in the past six months and I've gotten a sum total of two fish, both on separate occasions.

After talking to my father-in-law, I've mainly been using various colors of powerbait with a sinker about 6" up, and a bobber 12"-18" up from that. I tried using worms once at the start of the season at Horsetooth, but wasn't successful. Other places I've tried are West Lake, Watson Lake, Pinetree Reservoir, Chambers Lake, and Seaman Reservoir.

Are there any better combinations I should be using for trout, or places I could go? I don't know how to fly fish (I'd like to learn, but when I have more time!), and I like to keep my fish for dinner so I'm not too interested in catch-and-release.

It's doubly important for me to find a better combination since my husband is getting increasingly peeved that he hasn't caught a single fish yet. He likes being out on the water too, but I don't think it's as much fun for him if he isn't catching anything at all, and it's harder for me to drag him out there. :-\

Thank you!
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