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I-25 & Lincoln

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Anyone know anything about that Little pond on Lincoln about a block E of I25 on the N side? Ive seen a couple people fishing there?

Any info

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Isn't that Meridian?

No its not that far East.

from ur dscription it sounds like meridian, say im going east on linoln and pass the i25 on ramp, then i look to my left there is a pond

that is what i have been calling mereidian

there r a bunch of easy to catch torut in there, but nothing big likemlast year

get there quick all the fish will be gone in a month
might have to get over there with my friend so he can finally catch a fish, hasn't had one yet this season.
mereidian is that biger lake on the golf corse..right? Im talking aboout that little pond at what looks like a park with a bridge? I dont know. Maybe im all screwed up.

Yes, there are trout in that pond. Actually the CO Dept. of Wildlife had an fishing event there last Saturday morning for
kids. It was raining, but we drove by and seen some kids fishing. I read another person's message in the Forum about the event and that there are trout in the pond, but they are generally gone by the end of June, because the water gets to warm.
Hope this info helps.
Ok, im all screwed up. I thought when people said Meridian they were talking about that BIG lake at the golf corse just E of that.

I got another one than. If your going E on County line and turn N on Yosemite there is another pond on the right? Anyone know this one?

Ok, I have it figured out now. Here is the I-25/Lincoln thing:

The little pond that I was talking about is on the north side of Lincoln at Havana. Havana is the first major street just East of the 25. That is the pond that has (had) trout in it and the kids were fishing in last Saturday. This pond is open to the Public, but the Internet says that it is owned by the Meredian Golf Club.
The other "body-of-water" is at the next light going East at a street called Oswego (on the left side of Lincoln also). This large pond is also part of the Meredian Golf Club and I have never seen anyone fishing in that water.
As far as the area of water at County Line/Yosemite......I don't know anything about that one.
Thanx CB!!!!! That one on the golf corse cant be fished im guessing(You know how golf places are). And I wouldnt call it a pond. That thing is close to a lake.

Hey Jay, go to that pond soon. I caught about twenty trout there on monday with my 4 year old nephew. It was his first time fishing and he loved it. He also caught a carp about 3 feet long on the same powerbait we were using for the trout. Those fish are very hungry.
Thanx ATB!!!! I might stop by there either today or tomorrow,

Welcome to the site man!!!!!

hi i work over that way all the time id didnt know there was fish in there does anyome know if theres anything in there besides trout and carp and about how deep it is i;m off work tomorrow and might go check it out
Just went there tonight. There are other species in there besides carp and trout. When we first got there I was actually seeing some tails sticking out of the water and when I went over to check it out there were some really good sized largemouth in there. On my second cast I hooked one but it spit the hook just after a few seconds. I caught a little 8 or 9 inch largemouth a little bit later, and then almost had again one of those huge largemouth again but I felt kinda bad cause instead of actually getting him to bite it I accidentally snagged him. He faught really hard and finally got off, I just hope he didn't get hurt too bad. There were a lot of dead trout floating around the shore and a lot of little crappie, no bigger then 5 inches or so. Not sure as to why they were dead though.
did u catch any trout did u catch crappie or were they dead 2
I was not aware that there were largemouth in there. I have caught crappie in there...max length about 4 inches. Go early in the morning or right before dark and you can see the schools of crappie feeding off the surface all over the pond. Me and a buddy caught probably eight a peice a few weeks ago before they put the trout in.
That pond at I-25/Lincoln/Havana/Meredian sounds like one nice "hot spot". I think the wife and I will try it this weekend as well as taking the boat to Chatfield.
I wonder also why there are dead fish along the bank there. Does that mean a person should only do the "catch & release" thing instead of taking home some fish to eat???
The only "catch & release" we don't mind doing is when the fish are not legally big enough to keep. Other than that, we like to "catch, clean and eat".
me and my brother went there today for a little before a massive storm came through i caught 5 trout on powerbait and there was a guy there catching crappie on flys
If I were to read this post not already knowing where the meridian pond is, i would be soooooo confused.

bass and crappies and such? we cvant be talking about the same meridian, iu swear im gonna drive by it tomorrow and take a picture, haha

i really will
I definitely mean the small pond at meridian. Its the one right as you look right along lincoln going west and just before the on-ramp to I25 northbound. I used to go to this lake all the time when I was little cause my dad worked at Meridian. And I kid you not there are some DECENT sized LM in there, I'm thinking 15" to 17" or so. I saw them doing something on the bottom or I'm not sure what cause their tails were sticking out of the water but when I went over to see what fish they were thinking they were carp I saw the horizontal black stripe along the side so definitely LM. Plus the fact I had one hooked on the 2nd cast that was around 15" and the actual one I caught was about 9" so they are in there. And to answer your question about what we caught my friend got one small 8" rainbow and my girlfriend caught 1 as well and almost had about a 10 or 11" rainbow but broke the hook off and such just as she got it to shore, I guess I didn't get it as tight as I thought it should have been :p She was happy though to finally catch a fish.
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