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Nice post young Mackinaw.

If you do end up catching that biggun what are the odds that you’ll remember what those guys on a fishing forum said about C&R?
Who cares what someone else says or thinks about keeping a few fish? It's every person's right to keep fish (big or small) so long as they are within the legal limits and guidelines set forth by the state they caught them in. While I don't keep many large predators; I have kept a few to eat (properly prepared there is little to no difference in taste-IMHO). But, I am very selective on what species they are and from what body of water.

My biggest gripe is with those who set the guidelines for sizes and quantities allowed to be kept of certain species. Some of the size limits on certain lakes needs to be seriously addressed as well. We all know a certain lake that could use some better guidelines for 'eyes and bass as well as a few others that need some diversity of species to improve those fisheries (Don't get me started on the whole kokanee vs lake trout thing or the lack of wipers in certain lakes due to the fear of them harming other precious fish:mad:).
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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