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If it’s a legal catch and you want to keep it, no one is stopping you. If you do end up catching that biggun what are the odds that you’ll remember what those guys on a fishing forum said about C&R? I’m not writing to trash those whom keep big fish and/or eat their catch but merely want to share my own thoughts on sport fishing…..

I don’t eat the fish I catch because to me angling is more a sport in the sense that we no longer have to fish for survival. I believe a sportsman knows he can catch fish and keep his trophy catch but opts not to….. this angler is aware that there are plenty of eater sized fish and recognizes a trophy fish returned gives others the chance to experience the fight of a lifetime. Fishing is a craft and for me it’s about the chase. I’d say for a sportsman ignorance isn’t bliss and educating oneself on why those big fish ought to be released helps foster this growing desire to help fisheries thrive. It is in this approach to fishing where one will learn to respect not just the fish but the way in which we go about this wonderful sport. Some large fish will in deed end up on the dinner table but to keep it just because you can, shouldn’t be why you do….. Especially if you have the skill to catch the million other eaters swimming around.
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