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Hi everybody,

I was out in my belly boat at douglas reservoir the other night and a little 5 pound carp pulled me around for a while and man! What a fight!

I hadn't ever hooked a fish that big and strong in freshwater!

I went home to do some research, and apparently some people think they're trash fish and others think they are trophies on a fly rod.

Well I'd like to be in the second camp and start chasing these local monsters.
I started watching videos about fly fishing for carp and they all have one thing in common, they are always going for tailing and mudding carp. I'm in Fort Collins, and I am struggling to find mudding carp. Every pond here has carp that just cruise around and I have no idea what they eat. The ponds are usually murky enough here too, where it becomes difficult to sight fish for them.

Does anybody have any recommendations for a carp "flat" near Fort Collins? How about flies to try other than backstabbers and craws when the carp aren't sifting through the bottom?

Thank you guys! I'm really excited to get after it!
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