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Ice check (Red Feathers) for some kiddies......

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A family event this coming weekend gives me the opportunity to entertain 5 little ones, all of whom have never ice fished.

Myself and two other adults will be leading the booger-pickin' pack.

Looking to hit my #1 kiddie lake, Bellaire.

Highs have been in the 20s and lows in the 10's.

Anyone have any scouting intel that would lead me to believe it would be safely capped this weekend?

Much appreciated,

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if no one knows

The general store across from West Lake might know (970) 881-2331.

Or the Hilltop Outpost in town (970) 881-2206

or Red Feather Trading Post (970) 881-2912

Also Betty's Bait Shop on the north end of Fort Collins might know

(970) 493-3474
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