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Ok, I have come up with enough items to try to make a ice fish finder out of a soft water fish finder. Has anyone done this? Will it work? I have a couple different ideas for this. One involves some pvc pipe. The other would be to mount the transducer to the bottom of my sled. Poor people have poor ways. ha ha

I had been using my old X65 like this for years, with a skimmer transducer. I have a 3/4 inch round by 5" peice of pipe that i ran the transducer wire through, no need for a post, or T to hold the ducer, just drop it right in like a Ice ducer. the cooler box always keeps it protected and it has lasted forever

However i just bought the Lowrance ice pack for my HDS 5, it includes a battery,and ice ducer. Very handy for just over $100.
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