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Ice Fishing the Montrose area

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I am going to be in Montrose for a day and have a half day to fish. If anyone would be willing to share some info I would greatly appreciate it. PM works best...and I know how to keep my mouth shut.

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Finding a place to ice is gonna be tough. Crawford might be the best bet, but it's a bit of a drive. Blue Mesa is relatively close, just under an hour. Hit the inlet for some good ice fishing for trout and perch. Actually, blue mesa is closer than Crawford by a bit. Those are your choices for ice. Fly fishing might be a better choice.
Ridgway never freezes over so ice fishing won't be available there. Otherwise it does offer quick access to fishable water - in the lake or below the dam.The water below the dam is nicknamed "Jurrasic Park" as the Wildlife folks have stocked some large trout in there but it is catch and release. Good luck. I would meet up with you but I will be up in Grand Junction that day or I would offer to show you around.
Wonder if a guy could get down to the East Portal right now? Or is it closed?
East Portal is closed to vehicles. You can walk down the 5 mile(16% grade) road to the bottom but not sure if it is worth it. Lack of sunlight down there makes for a cold day.
I think I would rather scour my nipples with a rust S.O.S. pad.
I drove by the Uncompahgre on the way to Ouray for work... Was an awful color of yellow. What gives with that?
Above Ridgeway it is nasty. It's all the contamination coming from the top of Red Mountain pass. He's talking below the reservoir. It's a pretty, small tailwater section that does have some good fishing.
1 - 4 of 30 Posts
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