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NOT THAT KIND OF ICE FISHING! 8) got out early last night (18:00) trying to take advantage of the moon cycle. very little to no shoreline open at this particular metro lake so i broke out the little sections and pushed the ice burgs out off the shore line with huge branches to make a temporary area to cast 8) 8) 8) although my window of opportunity was short i didnt let that deter me ??? the main course on last nights menu was the hot rod limited rogue (they have been suspending better than the regular pro rogues) with a 10 to 15 second pause.

25 inch saugeye (sorry pic doesnt do much justice)

caught 3 other 17inchers like this one
lost one at the shoreline
missed 3 other bites
21:30, 22:00 rolled around and things were getting really icy kept catching ice burges and thinking they were fish lol
so nothing to big but fun!

my name is jason and i approve this message!
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