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we used to fish with a clam 6800(the big sucker)and we used to open it and lay it on the ice after we shoveled an opening(in deeper snow)thwen i would start the auger and just mark the 4 holes we were using the the person with me would slide the shelter out of the way and i would drill the holes after cleaning holes we would slide it back over and shovel the snow in around the edges. i also had some holes drilled through the floor inside that i would run some big lag screws through when the wind picked up. in bad wind it still sucked as then the shelter wouldn't blow away but it would bend some of the spreader poles pretty good. it was just a pain in the butt to move much though as it was quite a bit of set up involved especially if you were setting up in the wind. finally after 3 years got rid of it and bought a fish trap voyager. much more efficient shelter if you like to move and find the fish. much faster to set up also. much more money though. but works well.
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