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Hello all. Just found out about the site. Love it already.

Our solution for hut securing and holes is to take a small 2x4 (longer than the width of your hole) with a hole in the center. Tie some disposable rope through it, and attach it to the hut. The first hole we punch is to put the 2x4 through. Just jam it down in there, and the bouyency will push it up onto the bottom of the ice. Pull the hut tight on the rope (down wind of course) and then use a screwdriver, pliers or whatever to scratch the pattern of the holes. Swing the hut out of the way, (it will pivot thanks to the rope) and punch your holes. I've used this technique on Haddy Res. in Wyoming in solid 50mph winds and it's never failed me. You can always teather the hut with other techniques when your finished if you like. When your ready to go, just chip the ice off of the rope and hole, and your gone.
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