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I always try to include pictures in my reports. Pictures that give away the location to anyone who has fished there, so they'll recognize it. If you do know the spot, please don't name it in your reply. Thank you

Went warm water fishing w/ JWurgaft, but the Bass just weren't active

I did manage to catch a few Crappie

It was nice to see signs of spring

Jevan and his family headed to another lake, but Isabella and I had been dropped off. When Kara came back, we headed to meet the Wurgafts. However, on the way, I recieved a text from Brian/Catfishking, that him and Anthony/Kokaneeking were hammering Walleye, and asked if we wanted to join them.. Um... Yeah! ;D

We drove out to the lake Jevan and family were at to let them know, but they were going to stick around there for awhile.

On the way to meet the Fogul brothers they texted again saying the wind blew them off the lake :( We met them at another fishery where they showed us there haul

Took this pic from one of their reports (pic doesn't do the fish justice)

At the back-up meeting spot (out of the wind), we caught small Bass, Bluegill, Sunnfish, Perch, and Crappie (most of the Crappie were small, but we all managed a couple of decent ones, and Anthony caught one that was pretty nice)

Always nice fishing w/ Brian and Anthony, and I always pick something up..

Brian was using a drop-shot type of set-up that worked well w/ the Panfish

and when the wind followed us to this spot, Anthony didn't think twice about throwing on a weighted bobber which helped cast into the wind. (I was having success bouncing a jig w/ a gulp minnow along the bottom. Although I use weighted bobbers a lot, it would've been awhile before I thought of using it to combat the wind..)

The next day, I got up, and headed back to the first lake

After an hour or so, the wind came back :mad: I kept at it, but aside from losing one fish, nothing..

Then Anthony showed up, and w/in 15 minutes . . . Fish On!

We left shortly after, and met Brian and Chris at another spot, and hammered some Pan fish before calling it a day..

Chris, nice actually meeting you, and catching some w/ you. I feel like I already knew you.. as long as we've been on here :D

Brian, Anthony, thanks. Alway great to fish w/ you all!

Went to zman's retirement party April 1st, good times ;D Congrats again Mark (but miss you as a moderater) Thanks for putting that together Mike/work2fish!

Hit a spot on my home lake the day it thawed, and did well.

Caught a few stocker size

and some decent ones

bait that worked best..

Looking more and more like Spring :)

I caught a really nice Bass on my first trip out back in March, only Crappie on my next Bass attempt, and only had a little time on this trip out..

and only a little luck..

Nice to out though..

and saw some Sheep on the way home

JWurgaft and I hit up one of our favorite lakes right as it iced out. We caught a lot of Trout (I caught on small rapalas, Dynamic HD Trouts, a Thomas Bouyant, and marabou jigs)

Most were stocker sized Rainbows

caught a lot on the HD Trout

a Brown

and Jevan caught 2 Monsters

Jevan, as always, Great fishing w/ you!

Can't wait to get back on the water!


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Wow!...just wow...and they think Tiger gets around...great per usual...

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Nice report and pics as always, James. That place where you and Jevan caught the trout looks like a winner. I especially like that vertical pic of the trout swimming away in shallow water. Thanks for sharing with us. I'm having to get my fishing fixes through the reports and pics on here this month since I probably won't make it out until May. Keep posting people!
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