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i got a 2 seater from wallyworld folds in half and is almost self setting (made by viking i think) just unfold it and snap in a spreader bar. a pair of cushioned bucket lids for a soft warm seat and the buckets hold most of my gear the auger (hand) the buckets and the rest of my junk rides on the folded up hut just like a sled can even pull it with my rino

if i was to do it again i would go with a bigger model 3 or 4 person not that it is cramped but to have a bit more distance between lines, i do fish with 4 lines inside (2 people) and havent had many tangles but would like to spead them out more. we only go 4 inside when it is really nasty when it is just uncomfertable out side we put 2 in and 1 each outside where we can see it thru the window
i take it most the time even on a nice day never know when the wind is going to kick up
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