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got done with my work early and decided to scout a new spot. most of the ice was blown off but there was a large lazy shelf slowly revealing the weeds I was interested in.
Got the first one right away after I finally got free from casting high and letting the wind hook my lure on the ice. bugger waited until there were only about 2 feet of water to actually decide to take it. then he flipped as I was going to land him and made me slip in the mud. dinner will be the price he pays for freezing me in mud. 21.75" and 4lb 5 oz. didn't have a tape with me (didn't have anything because I wandered way further from my bag than I intended), sure thought it was going to be 24" but the tape at home must need calibrating.

rainbow was 1.5 hours later further down on the windy edge of another iceburg. she fought me for a long way and was a bunch of fun to catch. at the end I thought I lost her when she did some dive roll manuver and got the line wrapped around her head behind the gills. was no losing that one though, she had the whole kasty in her mouth. 20" and a personal best on weight with a fat fat 5 lb 7 oz not counting all the roe that escaped when I broke her neck.

fishing stopped there because I only had one lure and one pole on the off chance I'd get to fish. my next cast I got my glove into the line just right and snapped it, never to see my lovely lure again.

didn't have waders, wish I did. the entry was super shallow and I could have fished the other side of the weeds if I could have walked out 20 feet. probably would have frozen my ass or got knocked over by a big hunk of ice.


1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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