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Bro' has a Clam parka with matching bibs for sale. Bought it new two/three seasons ago and has hardly even used it. Says it's "hella" warm. I know this set retailed like $500 when they first came out. Attaching the link to Clam's website. Size LARGE. He's asking $200/obo.

I have a Marcum LX5i for sale. It's brand new, in the box, never been opened, never been used. $350 (this is what we paid -- not making a profit, not taking a loss). We picked up three thinking the our fishing group would need all three but only two were picked up. One left over and it needs to move outta my garage. Cheapest so far is Cabela's for $399 plus tax. I know the M series just came out but you're going to be paying a lot more for the LX5i equivalent

PM me for more deets!

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