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Idaho walleye fishing Help!

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HI All,

I have a friend moving to Idaho next week and he is a big walleye fishing fan. He will be moving to Idaho Falls area. Does any one have any articles or reports on areas to fish around Idaho Falls. I would like to put together a small binder to send with him. He not opposed to driving a few hours for good fishing.

Thanks for any help you can give on this project.

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If im not misatken Idaho has good runs of Salmon. I think i'd switch my focus and go for bigger.


I think magic lake is within 1 and half hours or so and it has trophy yellow perch and walleye. If I'm not mistaken it has big trout too. If he likes to catch river trout, like cutthroat, rainbows, browns and cuttbows, the henry's fork of the snake around st. anthony is excellent.
I used to live in Pocatello. Walleye lakes are Oneida Reservoir 90 minutes south and Salmon Falls Reservoir south of Twin Falls, close to Jackpot, Nev(3 hours or so). Many spots for good trout and sm bass fishing on the snake river and associated reservoirs. Steelhead fishing out of Salmon and Challis is sometimes awesome. Also, sturgeon fishing is possible on the snake as you get closer to Twin Falls. So a little bit of everything, however your average drive is 30-60 minutes longer than here.

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