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Hmmm... It's a good question because most fishing folks, even those who deny it.... Has pondered this before in their lifetime. I've pondered plenty of times and well.. I've gotten into some things that I shouldn't have before, but after a few lessons learned, you get.. "Scared?" or is it "educated?"

Never received a ticket before for tresspassing, but being 16 and chased by killer mutant guard dogs that appeared out of no where was enough.

That's right, "SCURRED!!"
Because it really wasn't "worth it."

It's almost the same thing as the question, "Should I keep this extra fish?" that some will ponder or have pondered before.

I don't know. Nowadays, my belief is "if you take a risk, is it worth it?"
That's all I really have to say. I don't like to shove my beliefs into anyone's dome, but I hope my perspective helps. Sometimes, it takes a little consequence for a person to learn.

Offtopic, but here's an example: I don't go street racing no more and I now drive a truck. I loved the "thrill" and still do love "thrills" but a 12 pt ticket just isn't worth it... Nor is my life or anyone else's. Thank God, I only got as far as a few close calls and nothing more.

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