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     Just got back from the boundry waters in Minnesota. In case you don't know its in northern Minnesota near Canada, its basically a wilderness area.
     We had a blast, caught near a hundred fish a piece over 4 days (kinda slow for that region). Walleyes were kinda slow but none the less caught enough of those buggers to eat every night and at lunch twice. The biggest fish any of us caught this trip was a 44" 25lb northern, i caught a 39" 20lb one. Good fightin though, i forgot what real northerns fight like ;). Also caught a an 8lb walleye and 2 6lbers. Also caught a 21/2 lb crappie. Saw a ton of eagles, its fun watching those guys make a run for fish.
     I think the one of the best parts of the trip was base ball paddling a rock bass (similar to a smallmouth, but pesty like carp) at my buddy in anoother canoe and nearly taggin him. Its kinda the same as the northerns in elevenmile, you can't put them back.
     As soon as i get the pics back from my buddy i'll start posting them.

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