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Im New

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hi everyone! I am new to the site as well. I have been in Colorado 2 years now and have loved the fishing since I got here. I am from Wisconsin so I like to fish for about anything. Favorites include walleye, walleye, and walleye! I should say the occasional trout/northern trip to elevenmile resivoir is fun too. I mostly fish Pueblo resivoir and the Denver lakes/resivoirs. I am always looking for fishing partners to take the boat out, so if interested email me!
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You aint the EYEGUY re-incarnate,are you?
Welcome to the board i dont live down in the front range however i do live in the hills and fish alot so if you ever want to hit up one of our resivors here in summit county just let me know
welcome to this great site
Yeah, pay no attention to Slayer, nobody likes him anyway! :) Actually, I have learned tons from him and am jealous of his abilities.

Welcome to the forum. Its as good as they come!

Yeah forgive Slayerfish...the blow up walleye kinda stuck in his craw...Welcome!
if you look at most of slayer pic you can see petsmart in the background ;D ;D ;D ;D

just kidding slayer
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