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impromptu chambers gathering

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From the sounds of things, and volume of PM's I've gotten on chambers for this weekend, it sounds like there may be quite a collection of forum members up there this weekend - Mostly on Saturday, but some on Sunday. Perhaps we should have some way to recognize one another? Any suggestions (name tags aren't visible from a distance).

If you see a red 89 honda civic with U of Washington and U of Wisconsin stickers on rear window, that's mine. I'm 6' call, red hair, black pants/boots, forest green parka and hood or black hat with ear flaps. Shoul have blaze orange hand warmer tube on my belly and pull a jet sled. During summer, you might have seen me buzzing around to various lakes with a 14' canoe on top of the civic in Fort Collins and Loveland.
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scchase, Reg and I are going up on Sunday. Leaving from Greeley if you want to connect, I'm sure it's OK with Reg. PM me and let me know.

I've only fished there once, in the spring, open water, so I really haven't much of a clue where to start. Where we fished, we did catch some Macs, but I'm thinking this might be a bit of a hike. BUT, if it's where the fish are, I'm there!!.

I mainly would like to target Lakers, but hey, fish are fish, and anything through the ice are a blast!
Hey thanks cutthroat! We mainly fished the NW corner when I went last. It gets pretty deep. Are you going on Sunday? Looks like we'll be meeting up with scchase too! Do we park right off HY. 14 by the gate?
Hey cutthroat! Everything is ready, the gang assembled, and we're heading up to Chambers tommorrow Morn! I doubt I'll get any sleep! Are you still going, if so what time are you getting there? If you don't mind us tagging along, I'd sure like to fish the lake with someone who knows it. Reg, scchase, and another from Ft.collins, along with myself.
Great! We'll be in a white mini-van. We'll see ya out there!
Hey Grizz, 1st off let me say, the weather was COLD!!!  Kindof a bummer since this was Elvis's 1st time. To make matters worse, Mrs. Cutthroat out fished us all. We were about ready to tie her up with duct-tape, and take her hole!! Seriously, it was great to meet a buch of people that have the same passion for ice fishing as I. We started out in two groups, since "orange hand warmer" showed up alittle later.  Our group of 4 caught 6 macs, and 6 rainbows. The bobos "thanks Slayer" were all pretty small, and the lakers were all between 15-19in. There was quite abit of snow on the lake, and when that wind started going, man was it cold. At about noon, Cutthroats friends left, and he asked us to join him. Funny, as that group was leaving, no one mentioned how well Mrs. Cutthroat was doing. Hmmmm, go figure!  One of the neatest things of the whole trip though, was seeing one of cutthroats friends dogs pull his sled. Sure enough, that dog pulled all of his ice fishing things clear across the lake. It was one of the coolest things I've seen in awhile. All in all, the fishing was alittle slow, but the new friends I made, was definately well worth it!!
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